Welcome to Prime Microbrewery, Cyprus’ first Microbrewery !!!

We are a family owned and run microbrewery. We simply love beer!! Always have, and always will. Our goal is to brew the best beer possible, using only natural ingredients and respecting the traditional art of brewing.
The beginning… Throughout our trips to Europe as a family, we have visited numerous Micros and specialized brewpubs and enjoyed amazing beer. When Cyprus joined the European Union in 2004 we were happy to see that many of the foreign beers we loved so much started being imported to the island!! Finally more quality and tasty beer options would be introduced to Cyprus.
Unfortunately as we soon found out something was terribly wrong…The beer we tasted and loved throughout Europe just didn’t taste the same…
Long sea transportation and storage time in hot conditions stripped a huge amount of the taste and character of the beer we longed to see in Cyprus.
Then we realized that it was up to us to get the job done. The year was 2008, we decided that we would not tolerate living in a beer desert any more. Prime Microbrewery was conceived.
After going to Hell and back we managed to open our brewery and share our passion for quality beer with the rest of our island. It was a long and hard voyage…
We are here with you now, cheers!!!!!!! 

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