Prime Brewing Process

Our Brewing Process

We’ve prepared a video tour of our brewing process to accompany all the information below.  So sit back, relax and take a look!


Water: Every kind of the beer we brew is made out of water that resembles the natural characteristics of the water in the area that the type of the beer is traditionally brewed. True to Tradition!!!

Malt: We only use the highest quality of malt after strictly examining the characteristics of each individual malt provided by numerous maltsters on a biannual basis.. This is a great amount of work but we believe that this effort is one of the reasons our beer tastes the way it does!!! If you put great stuff in, then great taste is what you get!!

Hops: We strictly use aromatic hops of noble varieties! That means that we need many times more hops than the traditional breweries do for our beers. The complex aromatic profiles of our brews wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t do so. We love our hops!!!

Yeast: Our house yeast is a beautiful little critter. It ferments well leaving just enough complex sugars to add another layer of taste to our beers. We only use freshly propagated yeast that is ideally acclimated to our brewery;s conditions. We love our yeast, our yeast adores our brewery.

Thats it!! WE DON’T USE ANYTHING that’s not 100% natural in all the processes of our brewery.


Malt is crushed by our mill and transferred to the Mash Tun. There it’s mixed with water and undergoes various temperature steps until the complex sugars of the malt are broken down by enzymes naturally present on the husks of malt into simple sugars that can be metabolized by our yeast.

When all the sugars are broken down, then the mixture of water and the different kinds of grain is transferred to the Lauter Tun. There the sugar rich water now called “wort” is separated from the grain’s husks and transferred to the Boil Kettle.

The wort is boiled there and multiple additions of hops take place. The wort is boiled vigorously and in this way all the goodness of the hops is now added to the wort.

Following the wort is transferred to the Whirlpool where all the small hop particles are removed and clear wort is left.

The wort is then cooled down to fermentation temperature and oxygen is added to it. Yeast meet the wort in the fermentation tanks and then the magic begins. Wort is fermented into beer over a period of time. Many times per day the green beer is tested and evaluated by our staff.

When we are happy with the result and only then  the beer is transferred to our bright Beer tank where additional CO2 is added if needed.

Finally the finished beer is bottled and barreled.

Our bottled and barreled beer is not pasteurized. This means that all the flavor, aromas, and goodness of the ingredients we so strenuously selected, find their way into your glass, unspoiled and the in the way good beer should be.

Our beer is a living product and when consumed responsibly has great health benefits!

Following is a very detailed drawing of our brewing procedure.

brewing procedure

(Click on the diagram above to bring it to life!)

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