Prime Philosophy

We started our brewery because we wanted to have access to good quality, fresh beer. This means that all beer that’s produced in our brewery must be firstly tasted by our family and if its found to be of exceptional quality and of outstanding taste can be allowed to be bottled and barreled. Our philosophy – how we like doing things at Prime Microbrewery.

Quality: Only the absolute best natural ingredients find their way into our beer. Our quality tasting program is of the highest standards using various state of the art equipment for testing, exceeding by far the usual law requirements for the production of beer. In any production step if the slightest flaw is observed, the procedure starts from scratch. 

We only use natural ingredients because we believe that beer must be a 100% natural product.


Environment: We are an extremely environmentally friendly brewery to start with. Our brewery is designed in the most efficient energy saving way. That applies in every step of our brewing processes and operations. All our tanks are heavily insulated and all of our processes reclaim energy whenever possible so that almost nothing is lost.

During production our water is heated naturally from the sun and only a small part of our brewing schedule uses steam from our generator which works with natural gas as the most environmentally friendly fuel we could use. In the future more solar panels will be installed minimizing our carbon footprint even further.

All our cleaning detergents are 100% bio-dispersible and environmentally friendly.

Spent grains after production are given to local shepherds. Their livestock loves it and we have a very strict “spent grains for fresh halloumi” deal with them.

We urge you to recycle our bottles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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